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Seshadripuram Educational Trust when it thought of establishing its presence in Mysuru starting the Seshadripuram Degree College is laudable. It has been a facility created for imparting quality education for the benefit of the students in and around Mysuru. Being affiliated to the University of Mysore will be a value addition as the University of Mysore is known world over as one of India’s premier institutional source of higher learning.

College Code: 1082

Seshadripuram Degree College in Mysuru follows the academic curriculum prescribed by the University of Mysore. The college believes that a good base provided to the students in academics contributes immensely to their future success. Therefore, every effort will be made to provide our students the best in this aspect. The college boasts of highly-qualified, experienced and talented faculty who are sincerely committed to giving in the best coaching to the students. Special sessions are also held periodically to reinforce and revise what is taught in class to ensure that none will miss out or lag behind. The library supports in the learning process with a wide array of reference books which the students can make use of apart from the textbooks which they can avail through the borrowing system. To sharpen the abilities and to evaluate the student progress from time to time, internal assessment, preparatory examinations and mock tests are conducted to help students gain confidence when it comes to facing their University exams.

The college also planning to make available a number of value-added courses which the students can enrol in future to enhance their knowledge and increase their job prospects.

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Online Class and Revision By Students

Students of Seshadripuram Degree College, Mysuru have made a novel initiative of recording online revision classes video to help their own friends prepare well for the examination in particular and help all the students in general to face the examination with high confidence and courage. The testing times of COVID-19, have forced people to adapt themselves to technology and our students have come up with this thoughtful idea of online revision classes with the concept - Of the students, By the students and For the students to help students alike who could not attend the online classes by the teachers due to various technical and financial difficulties during the tough times of Covid -19.

The concept of online revision classes by students is one of the trending and unique concept of Seshadripuram Degree College, Mysore where these videos of the revision classes are uploaded in the college YouTube Channel and the students from across the state can access it by subscribing @Seshadripuam degree college mysore and study the concepts at their own pace. Seshadripuram Degree College, takes pride in congratulating their students for coming up with such a novel initiative in order to help their own friends and other students.

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