For a young student who steps into a different domain of existence will spend a substantial portion of his/her formative years in the college pursuing their degree course. The significance of this formative stage is very well understood by the college management. It is all about shaping the future of the students and drive them to think productive. Well rounded grooming of students can happen involving the students in activities that generate in them a right spirit of competition, confident and learn to co-exist.

Therefore, our college organises a number of sports, cultural, social service and other extra-curricular activities to provide our students the rightful exposure. Numerous forums and committees are constantly at work organising seminars, workshops, contests, fests, awareness and charitable drives. We believe that students will surely understand that these productive measures that bring in them the right orientations and allow them to proceed on the right path.

The productive activities are devised in a manner that will shape them to be successful, well trained adults, good citizens and real contributors for the future of India.

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