Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities (ECA) or Co-curricular activities (CCA) are non-academic activities that shall be a means to enhance social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self-confidence.

Through these ECAs or CCAs, students are often given actual public responsibilities allowing them to learn about various important aspects and responsibilities they will have to carry on with. The exposures that their participations with Red Cross, NCC, NSS provide will help the students to be responsible and also exposing them to render to be useful citizens These uniformed group activities hone in them the required precision, management and organisational skills, providing training and preparing the students to the outside world.

Our college have the plans for the following:

  • To set up NCC & NSS units in the college.
  • Conduct inter-collegiate competition and related events in the month of September every year.
  • Celebrate "Management Fest" in the month of February every year.
  • Encourage students to be socially responsible learning about first aid, blood donation etc being in participation with the Indian Red Cross Society events.

IT Club

Commerce Club

AKANKSHA - Objectives

  • To help students to develop business attitude by interacting with various industrial experts.
  • To expose students to meet the practical challenges in the current business scenario.
  • To build self-confidence and pro-active approach through personality development sessions.
  • To update students and increase awareness about the latest developments in commerce field.
  • To encourage students to become various event managers through various events & fests organized.
  • To inspire young minds to learn & earn becoming prospective entrepreneurs, the job creators.
  • To prepare students to face challenges in job sector though sessions on competitive exams, e – commerce & courses after UG.

Online Seminar By Dr. Ramesh Salian conducted on May 9th 2020 on Topic Uplifting Of Indian Economy

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