Halls of Utility


Halls of Utility

Seminar Hall

Seminar Hall is equipped with an inbuilt audio-visual system with good seating system to hold up to 200 people.. Periodically seminars, personality development activities & audio visual presentations are carried out that are helping the students and teachers alike.

The Seminar Hall with an electronically inbuilt audio-visual system, fully air-conditioned seminar hall has a seating capacity of hundreds of students.

  • check icon It is the regular venue for conferences, workshops and seminars, this auditorium has all the facilities to enhance the learning process imparting quality education.
  • check icon The seminar hall offers facilities such as LCD projectors, screens, white-boards for delivering lectures and to conduct diversified Study Centre activities of our college.
  • check icon It provides ample opportunity for our students and staff to celebrate various academic and cultural programmes, where students exhibit their talents.

Kuvempu Rangamandira

Kuvempu Rangamandira, the open-air stage with a majestic view from the ground, is the long-cherished cultural complex of our college.

  • check icon Rangmandira is the best place, where a weekly assembly of our college is conducted to address the students of the entire college.
  • check icon It is the place of grandeur during Kalauthsava , Kannada Rajyotsava and other sports and cultural events taking place in the College.
  • check icon The Rangamandira provides a genial ambience for Dance Performances, Musical Concerts, and Rehearsal of Plays of our students.

Sports Room

The college has the state - of - the art room designated for games. If you want to really hop in to the sports room, dare to do it!

  • check icon Our sports room is designed to meet specific standards of indoor sports requirements suitable for year-round use.
  • check icon The sports room equipped with a cache of sports equipment’s and indoor games like table tennis, Carrom, Chess, Weighting Lifting and so forth.
  • check icon Many students come here to experience the joy of playing indoor games, spending their pastime and invigorating themselves.

Visitors Lounge

The college is equipped with a voluminous visitors longue, where one can lounge in a relaxed manner with the possible comfortable seating arrangement.

  • check icon Visitors are received in the Visitors room with a cordial welcome, served with nourishments.
  • check icon The visitors lounge serves as a socializing space for visitors during parents meetings and various other occasions.
  • check icon It also plays a crucial role for the enrollment of participants during various events organized in our college.

Board Room

The college has the state- of- the - art board room primarily designated to hold meetings purely administrative.

  • check icon During the university visits, the board room is utilized extensively. This is the place where policies are formulated during the official visits.
  • check icon The Boardroom plays a crucial role during LIC visits, where the meetings can be held with high standards.
  • check icon In holding occasional administrative meetings, the Boardroom witnesses crucial decisions taken by the management.

Staff Lounge

The staff lounge promotes educational setting, lending an air of professionalism in establishing a more colleague-friendly faculty lounge.

  • check icon The staff Lounge is designated for teachers to carry out their academic activities. It is equipped with well-furnished chairs, compartmentalized cabin.
  • check icon The lounge is the place where staff can relax before or after class, eat lunch, grab a coffee, consult with colleagues, plan lessons, discuss educational issues and socialize.
  • check icon It is a 'workshop', in academic parlance, where teachers espouse innovation, research and so forth.

ICT Enabled Classroom

The classrooms are stately equipped with smart board. We believe that classroom serves as a catalyst agent for students to think critically and the place where transposition of idea has to take place.

  • check icon ICT enabled classrooms incudes computers, projectors, speakers, touch pad-pen, learning software. It is easy for the learners to study with the aid of smart board.
  • check icon The audio-visual devices and smart board augment the splendor of classroom. Technology, we believe, is the nub of education in the present scenario.

Primary Health Care Room

The Primary health care room is an establishment which supports emergency first aid medical services for students in an institution with minimal equipment.

  • check icon We have infirmary designated to comfort fatigue, sick and ill students under various circumstances.
  • check icon There is availability of a physician who oversee sick students by providing medicines and further assistance.
  • check icon The primary health care room also benefits the institution during blood donation camps, health camps and vaccination drives.