Institutional Distinctiveness


Institutional Distinctiveness: “IKYAM”

Seshadripuram Degree College Stands by Cultural assimilation and Oneness Seshadripuram Degree College, Mysore strives for a well –rounded holistic education. In parity with the new education policy’s stress on holistic development, Seshadripuram Degree College promotes singularity in diversity. Within this ambit, it promotes institutional distinctiveness where plurality is given due importance. Diverse culture abounds in India. Unlike the west, India harbours a plethora of ethno- linguistic and cultural entities. In order to create a conducive environment for thriving a pluralistic culture, the institution had initiated as well as actualized scores of programs. They are enumerated and specified below:

Firstly, students ought to sensitize emerging principles of value and servitude to the nation despite their ethno- linguistic background. To actualize them, the institution had instituted study centres after Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and Basaveshwara. They promote the very idea of spirituality, servitude and due importance on ethics and civic sense. It had proved that these study centres made a profound impact on student on moulding nationalistic ideas. Periodical competitions and examination were conducted. The victors are honoured. Through these, the college encourage students to take part in such deeds and have a participatory role in building the nation. It is pertinent to note that, Gandhi study centre organised a host of seminars and memorial days. It is important to note that the study Centre is affiliated to Gandhi Smaraka Nidhi. The study centre at institution is spearheaded by a coordinator. On similar lines Basava study centre as well as Ambedkar study Centre were set up.

Another major aspect as to institutional distinctiveness is the celebration of a sundry of festivals. Through these, the institution celebrates the multiculturalism in India. Indigenous festivals ought to be promoted. Their essence had to be permeated among all segments of society. Therefore, we celebrate national festivals. In this regard, we celebrate Ganesh chaturthi in order to sensitize them about its significance, myths attached to it and so forth. Student, despite their religio-social identity assimilate indeed. Cultural committee was instituted by the college to conduct cultural program such as Ethnic day, village day and so on. The rationale behind such events is to promote diverse cultures across India. In addition to these, Kannada Rajyotsava was celebrated to enhance pupils’ knowledge on the historicity of Kannada Language and its heritage. It should have effect on students that they should understand the significance of the roots and evolution of regional language irrespective of their cultural roots. On ethnic day students don in their traditional attire. It is a platform for cultural and linguistic exchange. While Onam, is celebrated to respect our neighbours cultural roots. During Dussera, the festival of lights celebrated across Mysuru, the college hosts special celebration and inform students of its significance. Periodically, Dasara Yuvasambhrama is organised to showcase pupil’s artistic talents to the public. In such events, traditional art forms are promoted. It witnessed an amalgam of various traditional art forms. Many students took part in events subsequently honing their artistic skills indeed.

We promote the very notion of” oneness”. In a diversified social matrix, it is imperative to uphold and gratify a sundry of cultures. At Seshadripuram college we adopted a well-knit Uniform system. Students ought to class in uniforms except Thursday. This showcases singularity. It defines the very identity of the college as well. Workshops on various disciplines are conducted periodically. The prime objective of such workshop is to make aware of the changing knowledge systems in education and to acquaint with the latest trends in their domains.

Besides these, various workshops and in-house faculty development program were conducted at the behest of IQAC. The IQAC resolves to oversee the welfare of the faculty as well as overhaul academic mechanisms of the institution. In this ambit, faculty ought to acquaint themselves with latest trends in pedagogy, curriculum and teaching methods. This will be brought forth by IQAC. The rationale of workshops and in-house FDP for the faculty is to transfer knowledge system and there by promote a multidisciplinary approach on pedagogy. In addition to this, the library harbours books of various discipline. They are of the latest edition. Secondly, it has access to n-list- an online platform where faculty and students alike get information online. E-books, scholarly journals on Jstor are available indeed. Thirdly, the library issues Identification cards to the pupils and teachers alike. This implies oneness. Through these means we ensure quality as well as singularity.

Result of Outcome:

Since we are one :

  • check iconWe attract students from outside state.
  • check iconWe draw students from outside Mysuru.
  • check iconWe are able to pull all category students.
  • check iconWe set platform for students from low profile to high profile: Unity in diversity.
  • check iconWe have diversified teaching faculty from various states, Kerala, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu…
  • check iconWe have disabled students’ admission for the college with special facilities.
  • check iconWe strive in transforming students such as slow learners, misdeed, immorality, wrong doing etc…