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Mentoring is an essential part to follow in the teaching tradition.

It is a highly committed task to help find success and delight in their new work which applies equally for the teaching community as also the student community. It is also important to understand that persistence is as important in mentoring as it is in classroom teaching. Commitment would flow naturally from determination and belief that the mentors are capable of making a significant and positive impact on the life of another. It is well known that mentoring is a challenging endeavor that calls for investments of time and energy.

The foundation of any effective helping relationship is empathy. Fellow feeling is all about accepting another person without being judgmental. It would also mean setting aside, at least temporarily all the personal beliefs and values. To be precise to keep the mind open like a parachute. A good mentor teacher recognizes this power of accepting to developing a person in a professional manner. Considering such benefits that can be drawn by both the teaching and learning community, our college would be constantly doing such exercises to have a better future built for the students in particular and teachers in general. Following are the planned programs in that direction:

  • Will regularly arrange workshops on personality development by resource persons to benefit the students and the lecturers alike.
  • Will conduct seminars on respective subjects for the benefit of the student community by resource persons.
  • Will regularly have special guest lectures.

Mentors and Mentees Details

Mentors and Mentees Details 2020-21

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