Ambedkar Study Centre


Ambedkar Study Centre

Seshadripuram Degree College comprises of four Ambedkar Study Centre. It focuses on the contribution of these legends to the society and specifically to the UG students. It regularly conducts guest lectures, workshops and talks on various thoughts and principles of these legends. The centres also conduct various competitions for students which help them to inculcate their values.


The vision of the center is to promote the ideas of Ambedkar regarding the inclusive development of nation- building among the students, teachers and people at large.


The mission of the center is to develop appropriate programmes and activities to exercise Ambedkar’s ideas into practical propositions and policy instructions by supporting higher studies and extension services.

Objectives of the center

To encourage and motivate today’s youth to develop and improve themselves in areas of their knowledge, communication skills, right to living a better life, thus advocating the thoughts of Ambedkar.

To identify and recognize the contribution of activists and writers who have made significant contributions towards the mobilization of marginalized sections of the society and provide a platform for sharing their ideas and experiences.

Impact intellectual thinking and implement rich humanistic value based culture and behavior among students through the life, philosophy and principles.

Committee Reports

Membership Details

Minutes of Meeting

Composition of Ambedkar Study Centre Name Designation Position
1 Mrs. Shalini M K Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science Convener
2 Ms. Punyashree K III BCA - Student Student Coordinator
3 Mr. Sai Darshan K III BCA - Student Student Coordinator