Why Choose Us?


Why Choose Us?

The Holistic Education Concept

We have set a goal of holistic education to cultivate a developing child’s physical, emotional, moral, psychological, and spiritual attributes. The philosophy of educating an individual, beyond core academics, is gaining steam in learning circles as schools struggle to improve student outcomes. We believe that students need more than just a strong foundation in a core curriculum, they also need to be supported by a community and develop a compassionate understanding of the world around them.

Best Practices By Institute

The institute fosters to pursue Quality standards of excellence in Academics, Administration, Extension Services. workshops; such as FDPs with collaboration with industry and provide suggestions for process improvement as well as curriculum improvement.

Alumni Association

The college has launched Alumni Portal to connect with the alumni and utilize their services, like guest, Lectures, Internship opportunities, placements, etc.,

Training & Placement

Regular training & placement is imparted in the area of communication skill and aptitude to the students to make them employable graduates.

Campus Culture

Campus Culture helps students a lot in understanding the dynamics of the real world. The time they don't spend in the classroom will be spent in and around the campus. This is the place where students will pick up practical skills, make friends from other departments and learn some important lessons of life.

Student Mentoring System

Mentoring is a unique method of supporting students to improve their learning and leadership skills, motivating them towards their future career development. With this in mind, the college has a mentorship program wherein the faculty members are given training on the mentor system and meet the students on a day-to-day basis to listen to their issues and guide them on their overall personality development.

NSS & NCC Units

SDC Mysore has fully functional NSS & NCC units that make the students confident, develops leadership skills, and gain knowledge by serving the country and its people

NSS Unit

The aim behind the program of NSS is to provide help to everyone who needs it, to enhance and bring a better change in the standard of living and the way they lead their life with dignity. It makes the students confident, develops leadership skills, and gains knowledge about different people from different walks of life.

NCC Unit

NCC is a wing where the cadets learn several other valuable things such as selflessness, honesty, discipline, hard work and ways to build confidence and gain leadership qualities. NCC cadets learn to take pride in them and the training also strengthens the spirit of being an Indian. This helps them gear towards joining the forces and providing their 100% when the country is in need of them.