Basava Study Center


Basava Study Center


To study and inculcate the values enshrined in the teaching of Basavanna.


To spread the ideas of Basava philosophy by organizing special talks, special lectures, quiz competitions, Vachana Vaachana, seminars, and workshops for our students for disseminating knowledge about Basava and his philosophy.

Objectives of the center

To acquaint students with the philosophy professed by Basavanna.

To nurture deeds or virtues inherent in students that are allied to the teachings of Basavanna.

Inauguration of Basava Study Centre on 28-11-2022


Membership Details

Composition of Basava Study Centre Name Designation Position
1 Sowmya M Assistant Professor Department of Commerce and Management Co-ordinator
2 Chiranth T R I Bcom - Student Representative Member
3 Sameeksha S I Bcom - Student Representative Member