Youth Red Cross


Youth Red Cross

Objectives :

  • check iconIs to protect life and health and to ensure respect for the human being.
  • check iconTheir skills on leadership, negotiation, and team building.
  • check iconTo counsel the students regarding the various preventives for their proper health.

The main purpose of organizing the Youth Red Cross is: Informing youth members and others the roles and responsibilities of the Red Cross and encouraging them to contribute. An awareness on the care of their own health and that of others.


To make known the values of health and social care and to establish the human welfare activities in the minds of the younger generation.


The Indian Red Cross Society aims to inspire, encourage and initiate at all times, all forms of humanitarian activities. So that human suffering can be minimized, alleviated and even prevented, thus contributing to creating a more congenial climate for peace.

Why you should be a member of YRC:

The hope of every nation in the world is its young people. WE, in our institution, prepare our students to be caring citizens so that they have an opportunity to touch the lives of the needy and the helpless. We try to make a difference in our students through YRC.

Youth Red Cross has the following principles:

Protection of Health & Life

Service to the Sick & Suffering

Promotion of National & International Friendship, to develop the mental and moral capacities of the youth.


Voluntary Blood Donation

Blood Grouping and Haemoglobin Estimation.

Awareness Rally

Practice of Health habits.

First Aid


NSS unit of this college.

Government Departments, and Non – Governmental voluntary organisation.

The YRC and NSS unit along with our students continuously thriving towards organizing various social activities, one of them being blood donation. Each unit of blood donated is separated into four major components - platelets, plasma, red blood cells and white blood cells which can be used to save at least three lives. In order to take this noble exertion to the next level, an online Blood Donor's Register has been created. The Register provides names and contact numbers willing to donate blood which can be made us of by one and all.

Appreciation Certificates

Composition of Youth Red Cross Name Designation Position
1 Dr. Sowmya Erappa K Principal Chairperson
2 Vinay M Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science Program Officer
3 Abinya S U III Year BCA Student Representative