FDP Objectives

To maintain and enhance faculty effectiveness.

To help faculty fulfil their academic responsibilities.

To ensure satisfactory adjustments to changing environment in instruction and within disciplines.

To support faculty members in their efforts to maintain competence in their teaching fields by keeping abreast of developments in their own discipline and in disciplines related to their own.

To support research projects that contribute to the faculty members' professional development and provide learning opportunities for students, in concurrence with the college’s mission as a teaching institution.

To encourage thoughtful and effective integration of educational technology into the teaching and learning process.

To support the efforts of individual faculty members and enhance their teaching and learning effectiveness.


The Faculty of Computer Science, Commerce & Management will work to establish itself as a vibrant hub of creativity and innovation committed to teaching, lifelong learning, professionalism, research, entrepreneurship, and collaboration with local and global communities.


Our mission is to promote excellence in learning, teaching, and research while using a systems-based approach to degree-granting education. Our objective is to generate undergrads who possess a solid foundation in technical and theoretical knowledge as well as the supplemental skills necessary to succeed as professionals in the contemporary workplace.


Encourage our students to have a feeling of professionalism, integrity and dedication.

Verify that our students acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to function as professionals.

Maintain a work environment that is respectful, professional, and open to diversity. This environment should also encourage discussion, dialogue, and the sharing of information and resources.

Improve linkages between the Faculty, University, Community, and Industry thereby expanding our research base.

Live Skill Development

For Faculty In-house Enrichment and Development

It is an initiative of the College Management and to provide opportunities to every staff member to exhibit their innate Live Skills. It is a program to also recognise the inherent talents present in each staff member. Following are the action taken in that direction:

Two workshops conducted by the Principal exclusively for staff

"Emotional intelligence"

"Appreciative Intelligence to enhance creativity and innovation"

Encourage Faculty members to showcase their Live Skills by conducting seminars/ presenting papers on every Friday.

Plans underway to conduct workshops and seminars by resourceful persons regularly.

Conduct of weekly meeting for faculty members.

FDP Reports

Minutes of Meeting

Composition of the Vrudhi

Sl.no. Name Designation Position
1 Shalini M K Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science Co-ordinator